Special Events

FAQs and Guidance

Please note that we are currently updating our Guidelines and Policy, all documents will shortly be available for viewing. If you have a query about the Special Events Group’s (SEG) work, please contact us on email: specaile@westminster.gov.uk or tel: 0207 641 2390.

Key Principles and Corporate Approach

To make sure that all events and filming run smoothly and safely in Westminster, we have a set of Key Principles and Guidelines that set out your responsibilities and ours. Please read the Key Principles and Guidelines before applying for your event or film shoot.

How the application process works
  • Read the guidelines on this website to inform you how to run a safe activity
  • (Optional) Check the availability of your preferred location and date (free) by submitting an availability check. If the location or date is unavailable, the SEG will email you to let you know and to suggest alternatives.
  • If you feel you are able to comply with the guidelines please send us details of your event or filming using the online application process. If you want to speak to one our experienced Filming and Events Managers at any point during your application, you can request a consultation by submitting a Consultation Request form available on the website.
  • You will be requested to make your payment of the appropriate application fee as stated within the Fees section of the website
  • If your application is successful you will be assigned an SEG Officer who estimates any costs of your event or shoot
  • If your application is unsuccessful, we will explain why and you can change your application and reapply if you wish. There is no charge for re-applying.
  • Once payment has been received the SEG Officer will support your event or shoot to run successfully